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Our Certifications

Lead 2 Lean's certification process has three levels offering clients the ability to develop their continuous improvement capacity at a pace and depth that meets their needs. The three levels build on each other allowing clients to progress through the levels at their convenience. Clients can choose to be certified at the associate, specialist or architect levels. Our certification program is flexible and can be adapted to meet client needs. Each level contains a combination of learning approaches and interactive sessions.

Level 1 - Associate

We offer an associate certificate that takes approximately 7 days to complete.

Level 1 certification focuses on developing your knowledge and understanding of lean and continuous improvement. This level also provides you with tools and skills to start implementing daily improvements in your organization.

When you have completed level 1 - associate certification you will:

  • understand the history and evolution of lean and continuous improvement practices
  • understand what adopting a philosophy of continuous improvement requires
  • understand the critical role of strong communication when adopting a lean management system and beginning to build an environment for continuous improvement
  • understand your role as a leader in developing the problem solving muscle of those in your organization
  • understand how to involve and coach teams to create an environment for improvement
  • understand the role of boards in a lean management system
  • have the knowledge and skills to apply foundational lean tools in your organization including 5S, Value Stream Mapping and making your work visual

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Level 2 - Specialist

We offer a specialist certificate that takes approximately 50 days to complete. If you have taken level 1 already this level only takes 43 days.

Level 2 certification focuses on expanding the depth of your continuous improvement knowledge. This deeper understanding occurs by having you practice new skills and demonstrate an ability to lead teams through change while effectively utilizing lean tools at the right time in the right place.

When you have completed level 2 - specialist certification you will have the understanding and skills listed in level 1 certification above PLUS you will have:

  • developed your continuous improvement story and a communications approach that will support your journey
  • knowledge and demonstrated skill to effectively build an environment for improvement including capacity to create production and daily visual management boards
  • demonstrated skill to lead continuous improvement events including value stream mapping, everyday kaizen events and Rapid Process Improvement Workshops
  • demonstrated ability to lead teams through change
  • coaching skills to effectively involve others in improvement
  • demonstrated skill and understanding of tools to effectively build coalitions to create an environment of improvement
  • an understanding of the power of curiosity and demonstrated ability to apply tools that support root cause analysis and problem-solving including 4 square, 5 why, pareto, fishbone diagram and PQA
  • demonstrated ability to sustain improvements

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Level 3 - Architect

We offer an Architect certificate that takes approximately 100 days to complete. If you have taken level 2 already this level only takes approximately 50 days.

Level 3 certification focuses on building your problem solving capacity. Upon completion you will be able to identify, design and lead continuous improvement processes and events. In addition you will have the ability to train others on tools and illustrate application to your environment.

When you have completed level 3 - architect certification you will have the understanding and demonstrated skills listed in level 1 and level 2 certification above PLUS you will have:

  • studied continuous improvement in other organizations
  • illustrated an ability to learn from others and apply learnings in your workplace
  • ability to design and lead continuous improvement events
  • ability to build lean knowledge in your organization with teams through teaching and coaching
  • skills to lead larger continuous improvement events such as strategy deployment, mistake proofing and 3Ps
  • understanding and ability to work more effectively in cross-functional teams

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Lead 2 Lean Solutions Inc.

Testimonials & Results

Jim studied the Lean system and became a certified leader through one of the best organizations in the world. He reproduced his training by investing in others, and encouraging the Board and our staff to strive for continuous improvement through Lean. Because of this, our region is considered a leader in the Province of Saskatchewan and we have achieved significant results before many others did.

- Randy Donauer, Board Member of Saskatoon Regional Health Authority

Bonnie helped spearhead a project with her team using the 5S organizational system to help us gain control and save time. They overhauled the entire space, cleaning thoroughly and implementing a system that helped us own the space and save time and energy, making it easier to find and use things. It’s helped immensely with our resource management.

- Blair Roberts, Emergency Services Manager at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission


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